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1000pcs/Lot 2SA1013Y A1013 1A/160V/0.9W TO-92L new original

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Enlarge 1000pcs/Lot  2SA1013Y A1013 1A/160V/0.9W TO-92L new original
1000pcs/Lot  2SA1013Y A1013 1A/160V/0.9W TO-92L new original enlarge
Price from: 57.66 $
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1000pcs/Lot 2SA1013Y A1013 1A/160V/0.9W TO-92L new original
Introducing the 1000pcs/Lot 2SA1013Y A1013, a high-quality electronic component designed to enhance your electrical projects. With its new original design, this product guarantees reliability and durability for long-term use. The 2SA1013Y A1013 is a versatile transistor that can handle a current of 1A and a voltage of 160V, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Built to industry standards, the 2SA1013Y A1013 comes in a TO-92L package, ensuring easy installation and compatibility with various circuit boards. Its compact size allows for space-saving integration into your projects without compromising performance. With a power rating of 0.9W, this transistor can handle high power loads, making it ideal for amplifiers, power supplies, and other demanding applications.

Whether you are an electronics enthusiast or a professional engineer, the 1000pcs/Lot 2SA1013Y A1013 is an essential component to have in your inventory. Its new original construction guarantees its authenticity and reliability, ensuring consistent performance in your projects. Upgrade your electrical designs with this high-quality transistor, and experience enhanced efficiency and stability in your circuits.

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