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Price from: 58.33 $
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EPM240T100C5N EPM240T100C5 EPM240T100I5N
Introducing the EPM240T100C5N, EPM240T100C5, and EPM240T100I5N, cutting-edge programmable logic devices designed to revolutionize your electronics projects. These devices are part of the EPM240T100 series, known for their superior performance and versatility. Whether you are a professional engineer or an enthusiastic hobbyist, these programmable logic devices offer unparalleled functionality and flexibility.

The EPM240T100C5N is a powerful programmable logic device that combines high performance with cost-effectiveness. With 240 logic elements and 6000 logic array blocks, this device offers ample resources to handle complex designs. It features a robust architecture that enables efficient implementation of digital circuits, making it perfect for applications such as industrial control systems, automotive electronics, and consumer electronics.

The EPM240T100C5 is another exceptional member of the EPM240T100 series. With similar specifications to the EPM240T100C5N, this device offers the same high performance and reliability. It is an ideal choice for designers seeking a programmable logic device that can handle demanding applications while meeting tight budget constraints. From data processing to signal processing and beyond, the EPM240T100C5 is a versatile solution that can be tailored to meet your specific project requirements.

Lastly, the EPM240T100I5N is a programmable logic device specifically designed for industrial applications. It offers enhanced features such as robustness,

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