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Price from: 58.32 $
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The STM32F429IIT6, STM32F429ZIT6, STM32F429VET6, and STM32F429VIT6 are powerful microcontrollers designed by STMicroelectronics. These microcontrollers are part of the STM32F4 series, which is known for its high performance and advanced features.

With the STM32F429IIT6, you get a microcontroller that combines a powerful ARM Cortex-M4 core with a rich set of peripherals. It offers a wide range of connectivity options, including USB, Ethernet, and CAN interfaces, making it suitable for various applications such as industrial control systems, communication devices, and consumer electronics. The STM32F429IIT6 also features a large 2MB Flash memory and 256KB RAM, allowing for complex program execution and data storage.

The STM32F429ZIT6 is similar to the STM32F429IIT6 but offers additional features such as an LCD-TFT controller, making it ideal for applications that require graphical user interfaces. It supports a wide range of display resolutions and offers hardware acceleration for enhanced graphics performance. Whether you are developing a smart home device, a medical instrument, or a portable gaming console, the STM32F429ZIT6 provides the necessary capabilities to bring your ideas to life.

The STM32F429VET6 and STM32F429VIT6 are variants of the STM32F4 series that come with a smaller package size. These micro

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